What's Next for Gold Article

In a recent article, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden share "So it’s no wonder the markets are feeling overwhelmed and confused. It’s a complicated and unique time, and one we can’t remember being similar, except perhaps the 2008 financial crisis and the bursting of the 2000 tech stock bubble."

Ric Barr and Jack Brown

Our team was honored to attend the Midwest Pawn Convention, particularly since our own Jack Brown was given this prestigious award.

We were moved by his speech and wanted to share it with you as well:

fake bullion
The prevalence of Fake Precious Metal Bullion is becoming increasingly a problem.
Cash for Gold
Cash for Gold Businesses closing provides new gold scrap buying for jewelers.
detailed drive into xrf
XRF Technology for Jewelers and Pawnbrokers can provide false sense of security.
Maximize the value from high value dental Gold from post cremation recycling.