Jewelers Silver

Fine Silver for casting and alloying has a minimum purity of 99.90% and is fully compliant with RJC chain of custody and sustainablility requirements. All pre-alloyed Sterling Silver Casting Grains are manufactured to full plumb specifications and are RJC Certified compliant.

TypeSizePriceEst. Cost @ $31.20
Fine Silver Shot (99.99%)1-99 t. oz.Market + $3.00/t. oz.$34.20/t. oz.
100-499 t. oz.Market + $2.75/t. oz.$33.95/t. oz.
500-999 t. ozMarket + $2.50/t. oz.$33.70/t. oz.
Sterling Silver Casting GrainMinimum 25 t. oz.Silver Price + $8.00/t. oz.$39.20/t. oz.
Minimum 50 t. oz.Silver Price + $7.50/t. oz.$38.70/t. oz.
Minimum 100 t. oz.Silver Price + $7.00/t. oz.$38.20/t. oz.
Minimum 250 t. oz.Silver Price + $6.50/t. oz.$37.70/t. oz.
Minimum 500 t. oz.Silver Price + $6.00/t. oz.$37.20/t. oz.
Sterling Silver Solder $33.36/t. oz.
Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver Casting GrainSilver Price + $10.00/t. oz.$41.20/t. oz.
All terms Net Payable by Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer.
(Handling charge does not apply on metals returned against incoming scrap.)
Minimum Shipping and Insurance charge $15.00.
Prices are subject to change without notice - please call to confirm.

We offer uncompromised transparent fine and sterling silver refinery services at Mid-States Recycling. Our highly-trained professional refining specialists and chemists use advanced smelting, sampling, and refining technology to deliver accurate, verifiable, and accountable services. We have years of industry knowledge and experience with refining, assaying, and in-house metal trading. Our open-door policy lets customers monitor receiving, weighing, documenting, melting, and sampling procedures—Mid-State handles precious metals with care and integrity. Plus, our fine and sterling silver refinery service provides real-time tracking of your material’s status, online transaction, and data access at all times. Contact us for more information.