Who We Are

Who We Are

Mid-States Recycling has been a trusted precious metal refiner for over four decades, and our roots go back even further. Our company grew out of the Simmons Refining Co., which began earning its reputation as an accurate and trusted refiner in the late 1960s. When we opened our doors in 1982, we did so with many of Simmons’ core employees, who brought with them an unmatched level of integrity and expertise.

Today, that legacy continues. Our trading manager is an original Simmons employee, and our head chemist earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering and offers 40-plus years in the industry. Our turnover is virtually nonexistent, and many of our employees bring the knowledge and expertise that can only come from decades of commitment to our highly specialized field.

Our unique open-door policy, which allows customers to personally monitor our weigh-in, documenting, melting, and testing procedures, offers the peace of mind they won’t find just anywhere. And we’re easy and convenient to work with. We can arrange pickup direct from your office, and tools like our Karat Kalculator and Online Packaging List  link make shipping simple.

We monitor all metal markets, including the New York Mercantile Exchange, COMEX, the London Mercantile Exchange (LME), and Globex. We give our customers the control and flexibility to help determine the price they want and when they want to sell – or if they simply want their metal back in shot, crystal, sponge or bar form.

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