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Base Metal and Alloy Recycling & Refining

ColorItemUsageMelting Pt. (F)Price
Standard Yellow#20010-14K Casting19001850$5.75 /t. oz.
#82010-14K Rolling19451870$6.90 /t. oz.
Rich Yellow#114K Casting19001825$6.90 /t. oz.
#80218K Casting1760$8.50 /t. oz.
#KH418-22K Rolling18802000$8.50 /t. oz.
#72018K Casting1850$11.50 /t. oz.
Pink/Red#56014-10K Casting19751975$5.50 /t. oz.
#40014-10K Casting20102010$5.50 /t. oz.
White#90010-18K Casting20402010$4.25 /t. oz.
#86010-14K Rolling2010$4.25 /t. oz.
#73718K Rolling2010$4.25 /t. oz.
Green#96114K Casting1875$10.90 /t. oz.
#73014-18K Rolling2050$10.90 /t. oz.
#76718K Casting/Rolling1975$10.90 /t. oz.
#73118K Casting1975$10.90 /t. oz.
Pink/Red#56014-10K Casting19751975$5.50 /t. oz.
#40014-10K Casting20102010$5.50 /t. oz.
Yellow/Green#40014-10K Casting18701815$6.75 /t. oz.
All terms Net Payable by Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer.
Minimum Shipping and Insurance charge $15.00.
Prices are subject to change without notice - please call to confirm.

Our skilled refining specialists and chemists provide accurate, verifiable, and transparent base metal alloy recycling services. Mid-States Recycling offers comprehensive refining, assaying, and in-house metal trading for customers throughout the United States. Our team of industry experts utilizes the most advanced smelting, sampling, and refining technology to handle metal with integrity and care. We have an open-door policy, so customers can monitor the receiving, weighing, documenting, melting, and sampling procedures. This way you can hold us accountable and rest assured we will deliver top of the line services. Plus, our online transaction and data access let you track your material’s status in real-time. Send us a message online for more details about the base metal alloy recycling services at Mid-States Recycling.