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Platinum Schedule:
High Grade Platinum Metallic's (PT only)
Treatment Charge Per Lot: Melt/Assay Fee
($150.00 minimum)
Accountability: We will pay for, consign, or Return the following
percent of Assayed Fine Metal Content

(97% on lots containing less than 10.00 t.oz. Fine PT content)

Refining: Charge per Ounce of Fine Metal Accountable Platinum
Final Settlement: From Date of Official Receipt to Date of Metal Payment or Availability
4 Weeks

Platinum Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the value of you 90% Platinum scrap jewelry. All charges and fees, as determined by weight, are deducted automatically.

Platinum @ $1004 /t.oz.
lb Refining Lot
  • $4,141.22
  • $41.41